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Open Hardware India

This is a wiki to collect and organize information, from various places discussing electronics/hobbyists/manufacturing/embedded systems and related things, this is currently a work in progress. Most information here is gathered from:

While we are based in India, content from elsewhere will be just as welcome.

Current Lists

List Description
Info sheets These are current info sheets on the wiki
List of blogs List of submitted blogs
List of projects Submitted projects with more details
List of vendors Submitted vendor listings

How to use this wiki

  • This is a semantic wiki: please see this and this
  • Use forms to add new information, request new templates/forms/categories etc. from Tavish
  • When using a form, the "free text" section can be used to append any other content apart from what the form generates, like adding another category like [[Category:Local blogs]]
  • Some pages are auto-generated from the semantic data, for example list of blogs; for others, see Generated List
  • Pages created with forms can also be edited later
  • (note that auto-generated pages may take some time to refresh)

Adding new content

  • Use the Blog form for listing new blogs (full list at list of blogs).
  • Use the Project form for new project listings (full list at list of projects).
  • Use the Vendor form for new Vendor listings; an additional category for this can be [[Category:Local vendor]], but feel free to suggest others, maybe PCB vendors, assembly houses. etc. (see the current listing).
  • To add pages to a category, please add the relevant category tag to the end of the page, e.g. Local projects will need [[Category:Local projects]] at the end of the wiki page (after using the form to generate it).
  • Apart from these pages, there can be individual pages for things like vendors, or, e.g., IoT, which are not generated by a form; please add [[Category:Info sheet]] to them to let them be listed.
  • The benefit of using multiple categories for pages is that we can generate pages like "local projects from Bangalore" from semantic data if the project's page is categorized correctly with 'Project', 'Local project', 'Bangalore'.


  • This wiki is for organizing information discussed on our discussion group (or mailing list)
  • No marketing material or job postings, use discussion group for that (if the post is suited)
  • Search before adding a page to avoid duplicates; the same goes for categories etc.


  • Locations using [[Located in::Delhi]] etc.
  • Add forms for company listings
  • Add more open source project pages with content