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Submitted vendor listings

  Vendor name Vendor location Vendor contact Description
4d Systems (vendor) 4d Systems Australia; Phillipines Various intelligent displays, LCD, OLED, modules, graphics processors
Bonus electronics (vendor) Bonus Electronics Shop 595, Lajpat rai market, Delhi SMD parts
Buydisplay (vendor) China Sellers of various displays; LCD, touchscreen, OLED, graphic lcd, TFT
Cerebra computers (vendor) Cerebra Computers Bangalore Contract manufacturing, assembly
Comkey (vendor) Comkey Component procurement from digikey/mouser etc., handles shipping customs
Crystalfontz (vendor) USA Various displays, serial LCD, graphic LCD, TFT, OLED, epaper
Deltron (vendor) Deltron Chandigarh PCB manufacturing, turnkey manufactring, various testing, assembly, casing
Eastern Radio (vendor) Eastern Radio Delhi Control panels, boxes, casings, components
Elecrow (vendor) Elecrow PCB manufacturing, assembly, small batch, lasercutting. Also sells various hobbyist electronics/related things.
Gainta (vendor) Gainta Industries Taiwan Enclosures
Gecon (vendor) Gecon Global(connector king) Lajpat rai market +91 9999999340 All types of connectors, switches, etc. (vendor) Leafbird Electronics Delhi Hobbyist/Professional eletronics seller, Hardware/Board Design, Firmware Development
Legend Electronics (vendor) Legend Electronics Shop 594, Lajpat rai market, Delhi common components,motors and kits
Lion Circuits (vendor) Lion Circuits Bangalore PCB manufacturing / low volume prototyping
Mehta Brothers (Vendor) Mehta brothers Lajpat rai market, Delhi Shop 614 - Lajpat rai market Many common industrial SMD parts, passives, connectors
Newhaven display (vendor) Newhaven Display USA Various LCD, OLED, VFD
OSHpark (vendor) OSHpark PCB manufacturer for prototypes, purple PCBs with ENIG finish and free international shipping.
PCBPower (vendor) PCBPower - CSIL PCB manufacturer in Gujarat, good quality PCBs, online order friendly. Custom options available.
PCBWay (vendor) PCBWay China PCB manufacturing, assembly, stencils, flex PCBs
Peninsula electronics (Vendor) Peninsula electronics Bangalore Prototype/Small/medium volume pcb assembly
Prestopcb (vendor) Prestopcb Affordable PCB vendor for prototyping
Rajamane Telectric (vendor) Rajamane Telectric Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore Li-ion batteries, plastic casings, plastic injection moulding
Reliable Electronics (vendor) Reliable Electronics Small batch assembly in India
Semikart (vendor) Semikart Bangalore Distributors of semiconductors and electronic components for over 500 industry leading suppliers.
Shelfkey (Vendor) Shelfkey Component procurement from digikey and others, handles customs etc.
Skylark Circuits (vendor) Skylark Circuits pvt. ltd. Mumbai E‐mail : skylarkcircuitsATgmaildotcom Phone - (022) 2870735 PCB manufacturer, for 1-2 layer boards
Sridevielectronics (vendor) Bangalore PCB assembly, turnkey pcb manufacture/assembly
Sunrom (vendor) Sunrom Various components including SMD passives etc, programmers, kits, sensors, modules
Tayda Electronics (vendor) Tayda electronics Thailand Global supplier of hobbyist parts
Texonic (vendor) Texonic Chennai Distributor for enclosures from Gainta, and other components
Thuse elektronics (vendor) Thuse Elektronics PCB assembly, OEM manufacturer
Toradex (vendor) Toradex Vendors of various system on modules(SoM), and SBCs
Vision Mechatronics (vendor) Vision Mechatronics Thane Li-ion battery, Robotics, Solar panel installation, battery backup solution
Zreyah (vendor) Zreyah Semiconductors Full turnkey PCB assembly, prototyping service