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4d Systems (vendor) +Various intelligent displays, LCD, OLED, modules, graphics processors


Blondihacks (blog) +Quinn Dunki's hardware project log
Bluey +BLE devkit
Bonus electronics (vendor) +SMD parts
Box0 +Box0 is a Free/Open Source Data Acquisiton platform. It includes a hardware device and software for ding various experiments.
Bunniestudios (blog) +reverse engineering, open hardware, hacker rights
Buydisplay (vendor) +Sellers of various displays; LCD, touchscreen, OLED, graphic lcd, TFT


Cerebra computers (vendor) +Contract manufacturing, assembly
Comkey (vendor) +Component procurement from digikey/mouser etc., handles shipping customs
Crystalfontz (vendor) +Various displays, serial LCD, graphic LCD, TFT, OLED, epaper


Deltron (vendor) +PCB manufacturing, turnkey manufactring, various testing, assembly, casing


Eastern Radio (vendor) +Control panels, boxes, casings, components
Elecrow (vendor) +PCB manufacturing, assembly, small batch, lasercutting. Also sells various hobbyist electronics/related things. (blog) +Electronut, in's blog posts about hardware products, shenzen, IoT, BLE (blog) +Weekly podcast about various aspects of electronics/embedded engineering
Eoma68 +EOMA68 is an open specification of a PC card, which can be used in modular repairable/repurposeable computers.
Evive +evive is an opensource prototyping platform designed for learning. building and debugging electronics, embedded and robotics projects.


Gainta (vendor) +Enclosures
Gecon (vendor) +All types of connectors, switches, etc.


Info sheets +These are current info sheets on the wiki

L (vendor) +Hobbyist/Professional eletronics seller, Hardware/Board Design, Firmware Development
Legend Electronics (vendor) +common components,motors and kits
Lion Circuits (vendor) +PCB manufacturing / low volume prototyping
List of blogs +List of submitted blogs
List of projects +Submitted projects with more details
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