Sridevielectronics (vendor)

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Location Bangalore
Description PCB assembly, turnkey pcb manufacture/assembly

Prototype PCB assembly

Mass PCB assembly

Capability of handling 0201 to IC, QFP, QFN BGA CSP’s (Upto 0.2mm pitch)

Turnkey PCB manufacturing

BGA/ IC’s replacement/ Reworks/ Repair

PCB fabrication

LED assembly and Testing


2000 Sqft ESD dust free workspace

SAP 26 Screen Printer

Yamaha YS12F high speed pick and place machine-21000

CPH with BGA ball recognition system

MyData My9 Proto pick and place machine- 7000 CPH

EPS SMT Lead free reflow oven

ESD temperature controlled stations

Rework stations

EPS wave soldering machine

Stuffing conveyors

Baking oven